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4 years ago

So … COVID-19, social/physical distancing the norm, flu season, smokers and their after-break odor, Ottawa winter clothing and footwear, sensitive or confidential phone conversations, rude work-neighbours, etc. ????

5 years ago

My federal government office is about to go to workplace 2.0 within six months. And I can tell you that after 20 years of working in a cubicle, that I am dreading the lack of privacy. Everything else about it sounds great, and I don’t even mind the smaller space but as an introvert who is very easily distracted by people walking by my cubicle, chatter and heavy perfume use, I am not sure I am going to make it LOL. In fact to be honest it keeps me up at night. It sounds great for the majority of people who are extroverted social animals. But as usual, the introverted are being expected to just stop being themselves for he majority of their day. Anything you can tell me to ease my fear of this would help a great deal.

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