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Bud Rich
4 years ago

You are totally correct, but its also a catch-22. We will never improve our ability to telework unless we encourage it and try it. Accepting that failures can and will occur, but that solutions will be found. That encouragement hasn’t happened, so the investment hasn’t happened and our ability to do so hasn’t kept up with the private sector.

Not even for IT (my field) where it could easily be done. I was afforded the luxury and was encouraged to work remotely much more often in the private sector almost 20 years ago for the 5 years I work private, than I have in my last 15 years in Government IT service. It is absolutely a problem of encouragement from the top.

Im not even an entitled Millenial but the often forgotten Gen-Xer…but I suppose I was spoiled from my time during Ottawa’s .com boom. πŸ™‚

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