Picture of a boy looking through a telescope to represent astronomy

This is my PolyWogg Guide to Astronomy (aka PWGA). I have been active in astronomy since 2013, and while I am far from an expert, I frequently find that as I work my way through a learning curve for certain things, I don’t like the way the topics are traditionally explained. Sometimes it is missing a larger context, sometimes it is simply too technical, sometimes it is simply way too complicated for the average person starting in the hobby. And so I started to blog about certain things I encountered, like alignment issues. Which resonated with some people who were struggling with the exact same issues as I was, and liked the way I explained it.

Hence, I’ve decided to write a guide for newbies. I’ll try to add content as I learn, and group it in useful headings/menus.

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8 months ago

I bought my Nexstar 8se in 2008 and recently pulled it out of storage to give it another try. I had gotten very frustrated because the red dot finder would work only intermittently. I’m going to give it another try with a telrad . Really appreciate this assistance. Thank you!

brent bittner
1 year ago

Thank you for the clear writing and thinking!