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Disillusioned Candidate
1 year ago

I’m highly surprised that nobody has commented yet, over 2 years later. I share your opinion and wanted to add some kindling to the fire.

It’s quite well known that most managers are able to “steal” from a pool if the essential criteria matches, if the candidate was assessed, etc. However, they can’t do that with pools! Over the years, pools have gone dry, closed, and were not replaced with the same staffing method. They chose to use the trendy inventory tactic. It’s making it so much harder for external applicants and even internal ones looking for a promotion or to change classifications. With the inventories and the popular GCConnex posts looking for interested applicants to send a CV, it feels like GC Jobs has lost its appeal and managers are trying everything to not have to go through a tedious competition and assess candidates when they can instead find someone through informal channels or have an inventory to then only assess a handful of people. Am I imagining this or do you also see that attitude towards formal selection processes?

Since the pandemic and especially recently, departments have seen a lot of staff leave or retire (baby boomers maybe?) and they’re saying that they’re desperately looking for staff. Do you think that inventories will soon be replaced by pools once again?

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