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David P
6 years ago

Remember, the OAG is limited by what information PSPC has on hand. And by all indications, PSPC doesn’t really know what they’re doing. This is a tire fire of badness – PSPC doesn’t really know what it’s doing, departments internal processes are equally dysfunctional, most employees go along blindly assuming things are OK. Unions are very cautious on this, since one major problem is the staff in Miramichi – both in terms of size and in terms of experience.

Fundamentally, throughout, there’s an information vacuum. PSPC lets out only heavily sanitized graphs that provide eye candy but no information; the “Track My Case” tool is less than useful (PSPC closing cases where people are still owed thousands of dollars is particular bugaboo of mine); the phone lines cannot provide any help – by design.

I did notice, though, that Executives get white glove treatment: call backs from real compensation advisors and problems quickly addressed. Thus, the problems aren’t understood by the directors and above, as their issues are quickly fixed – perhaps a bit of strategic cunning by PSPC, but one that’s only going to serve as a further catalyst for anger as it becomes more widely known. (At first, executives had a dedicated help line; that got quashed a few months ago).

There’s no shining star in this whole mess; the PS writ large looks really, really bad.

And apparently the ploy of emailing the DM at PSPC directly when you don’t get paid no longer works…

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