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Neal R
13 days ago

Thanks. I tried the up right as the final alignment, but when I go back or select another target, I am almost always left lower quadrant. I use the star diagonal that came with the scope

1 year ago

Thank You for the tid-bit of information. i am new to astrophotography but am looking forward to trying this info out.

Brian Owen
2 years ago

Great article. I just wanted to point out something with the quote below.

“My coordinates are 45 degrees for latitude and I enter that with minutes and seconds and choose West; -75 degrees for longitude so I enter 75 plus minutes and seconds and choose NORTH to handle the negative part”

You have the latitude and longitude reserved. Latitude is North or South. Longitude is East or West. You have also mixed up the negative.

Chris Pancho
3 years ago

Thanks for this write up! I’ve learned a lot from it. However, I have a question when it comes to the “UP, RIGHT” motion to assure a precise lock on the target. When you say the final movements should be UP, RIGHT, does it matter how many times the UP or RIGHT arrows are pushed? For example: I’m ready to align and I press UP and release when I think it’s centered but… it isn’t quite there and I want to press UP again to get a better position, does that ruin the process? I find myself repeatedly pressing a directional button until I get the best mark, so I’m curious if that will work or not. I hope this makes sense!

3 years ago
Reply to  Paul

That clears it up! I actually gave it a try last night and it was a game changer. And FWIW, one of my settings was set to reverse as well!!

6 years ago

I understand the Celestron AVX does not track in DEC only RA so I have a question, when in the Alignment mode and have UP/Right buttons to put the alignment star into the center of the Meade 9MM Lighted reticle I see the star sloiwly drift out of center before I press ALIGN and continue to the next step.
Does this indicate a mechanical problem or does ALignment Mode not track the star this allowing it to drift out of center if the ‘align’ button is not pressed right away to continue to the next alignment star ?

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