Writer’s Block, Time Management, and Other Unicorns — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the in-depth review, much appreciated.

    N.b. I said ‘get up early’, not ‘sleep less’. If you read Steve Pavlina’s advice on how to become an early riser, he advocates getting up early AND going to bed earlier if you find yourself tired during the day.

    • Hi Mark, welcome to the site, and I enjoyed your ebook. That’s an important nuance you raise, I should have been more clear. I worry though that people basically are trying to achieve results without understanding what they’re doing — shifting unproductive night time to productive morning time can be extremely rewarding, but it isn’t a necessary shift in your lifestyle if you can achieve it through other priority-setting means. Particularly for some who will not do the “go to bed early” side of the equation but just burn at both ends. I am far more comfortable in general priority setting scenarios if the person truly understands WHY they are more productive with the change, and understands it beforehand, along with alternative options.

      Of course, I’m typing this at 5 minutes past midnight knowing that my son will be up in less than six hours, so maybe I’m just against going to bed early 🙂


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