X by Sue Grafton (PWBR00125)

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Plot or Premise

Cover: X by Sue Grafton

Kinsey is hired by a rich client for a simple task — find her biological son who was recently released from prison.

What I Liked

There are three storylines running concurrently, and the mix of types of cases is interesting…a missing persons case, which gets complicated when Kinsey finds out after she finishes the job that the client was bogus and there’s more going on that involves a complicated divorce; problems with neighbours; and a leftover case from Pete Wolinsky, a private-eye who was killed in a previous novel. The start of the missing persons case is intriguing and the investigation part of the old case is solid.

What I Didn’t Like

The problems with the neighbours are so obvious, the solution is seen a mile away by everyone except Henry and Kinsey. And mostly just annoying. The interest from the missing persons case deteriorates almost into Kinsey Millhone, marriage counsellor. And the leftover case redeems Pete’s character but then goes way over the top at the end.

The Bottom Line

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