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  1. Dear Polywog
    It may amaze you that “relatively well-informed people” like Ian Smillie can use terms like “development” as though these are well understood, but when you write for the newspapers, you have about 750 words to get your idea across, and if your subject is the merger of CIDA and DFAIT, you don’t have a thousand words, as you do here, to define each term. So thanks for explaining what constitutes ODA. Relatively well-informed people can now continue to use at least that one without having to explain it each time.

    I note as well, that to post a comment here, one must give one’s name and email address. What is yours?

    Relatively well informed,
    Ian Smillie

    • Thanks Ian (assuming it is actually you, I suppose anyone could submit under your name)…you’re right, of course, I don’t have the length limits on my blog that you do when posting to the newspapers.

      I really find it dysfunctional though that we have these discussions in “short bursts”, as we have had for years, but restricted to short examples that may attract interest of mainstream media, but in my view really don’t move the goalposts.

      So people send me links and things, some saying “Yay Ian” for your article because they agree with the thrust or “Bah Ian” because they disagree with a nuance. More so, as you say, because of length than the form or content of discourse. We (a global “we”, i.e. Cdns involved in development aid) try to simplify to communicate but we lose so much in the shortening.

      Maybe I’ll take up your challenge and try to do my five posts in a single 750 words, see what I’m left with.

      As for sharing your name/email address, they are only required if you want a response (I can’t figure out how to add that to the default comment form — it explains it on the Contact Me page). It doesn’t actually publish the email address, and only puts whatever you put for a name (you could have put John Doe or even Anonymous if you wanted to, it just has to have something to put in the field to allow it to be attached in the database to the page you did).

      As for mine, I’ll send it to you separately. As a civil servant, now in a different field, the powers-that-be basically tell me not to advertise my real name as prominently on my site, although it isn’t exactly “hidden” either. The email address is “The PolyBlog at gmail . com” (no spaces), and doesn’t appear just to avoid spambots from hitting me too hard.


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