My photo gallery is made up of several sub-galleries. Chief among them is the PandA photo gallery, which is the family photo gallery for me (Paul) and my wife (Andrea) i.e. P and A = PandA plus our cub Jacob.

I’m also into astronomy, and have started taking some photos through my telescope of the sky and space objects — the moon, the sun, planets, stars, clusters, nebulae, etc. So I have an Astro Photo Gallery too.

I struggle with the long winter, and as part of my coping mechanism, I set a date in April for what I consider “real spring” since usually we have a month of snow after the March date for calendar spring. I used to go by April 15th, as snow rarely lasts past that date, but in recent years, I’ve had to push this to April 30th. I call it PolySpring. So I take photos at various times throughout the winter as part of my “countdown to PolySpring”.

Last, I also play with some making some Memes for various topics — books, quotes, humour, etc. And post them all together in a gallery.

PandA Family

(under development)

Astro Photos






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