The Collected Short Stories by Jeffrey Archer (PWBR00027) — No Comments

    • Basically that Doug Mortimer was an old rower who intentionally lost a race so that the gamblers who bet on his team would lose (and thus the bookies would make a lot of money). The two men who stole the arm and threw it in the river knew that he was a cheater and therefore didn’t want to show any honour to his name by having the arm in the clubhouse (note that they didn’t clap or stand when the club paid tribute to it). The narrator thought he was doing a good thing based only on knowing the man’s statistics as a rower, he didn’t know the real story. And while it wasn’t “confirmed”, i.e. there was no proof, the old man he goes to see basically tells him what everyone believed at the time. You’re left to decide if it is true or not, but the narrator believes that it is true (that Mortimer cheated).

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