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  1. So after I posted the above, I watched the last two finales for the season for my shows, The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist. On TBBT, I was worried about the lack of facetime for Leonard and Penny since Leonard is/was dating Priya, and that Raj was now going to be Sheldon’s roommate. The writers resolved both of those by (SPOILER ALERT!) having Leonard and Priya have a big fight about their lack of future, and Raj sleeping with Penny!
    But the Mentalist was the giant surprise (spoilers follow). As I said, there was a clue way back in the season as to who the mole was, and sure enough, it started to play out as if it was Bertram — back when Hightower was moving on, Bertram quoted poetry from William Blake, same as Red John did. So he had to be the mole, I figured. Then they showed the list of suspects — Bertram was on the list. They set a trap and it appears to be Bertram, so I’m bopping along not surprised. Ho hum.
    Except it wasn’t him. They had a separate storyline going on with a wedding for Van Pelt, and her husband-to-be has acted like a d-bag on several occasions so easy to hate him. And it turns out he was the mole. Everything turned out all right in the end, he’s stopped, etc. At which point I figured the Red John storyline would go in hibernation until the new season — until Patrick meets him face to face, has coffee with him, gets him to prove he really is Red John, and THEN KILLS HIM before finishing his tea. Totally blew me away…I’m wondering actually if part of the wrap up was the expectation that The Mentalist might get cancelled, and they wanted to give closure either way. Fans are debating if it really was RJ or just a facsimile, but regardless, the best season finale I saw of all of them.

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