Series premiere: Boomerang

Picture of man watching big screen tv to represent TV reviews

I didn’t know much about Boomerang other than it was about someone working in advertising, and when it started, I noticed it was only sitcom length. And the opening scene was a REALLY bad commercial for some stupid soda, with ridiculous characters and ridiculous lines. I thought it must be a really unfunny comedy.

Nope, it’s a semi-drama about two young up and coming black advertising types who want to find their own way, even though both work for a big ad company that their parents built. I only say that because I watched the first episode, had almost no clue what the premise of the show was or where it was going, and had to read the IMDB description to figure it out. The dialogue was obvious, the show was short, and there was about as much content as a sitcom without the jokes.

They couldn’t even hold my interest at sitcom length. I’m not even going to bother reviewing it in more detail — my pick was originally CANCELLATION, and I see no reason to change it.