Series premiere: Falling Water – 2016/17

Picture of man watching big screen tv to represent TV reviews

Another show not pulling much in the way of press is the upcoming Falling Water. Premiering in October on USA, the show was released online for advance screening. And it is downright awesome.

Burton, a security service within an investment firm, has some weird dreams. He seems to be dreaming about a girl who doesn’t exist, or maybe she does. He’s not sure.

Tess has some weird dreams too. Plus she has the uncanny ability to see mega trends that everyone will want to buy for fashion. But the dreams are weird. She keeps dreaming about a son she gave birth to. Except her medical records show no such birth and she doesn’t have a son. Or does she?

Take is a little simpler in his dreams. He sees his mother, or someone close to his mother, in a chair in the middle of a street and her head is all covered up, like a mummy with grey bandages. Since his mother is in a catatonic state, the dream isn’t surprising, but all the things he sees for work are indeed weird. Including a kid that reappears to him during his investigations. The same kid from Tess’ dream.

They don’t know each other, but they have interacted — Tess lives in Burton’s building, for example.

But forces for good and evil are amassing. The dreams are connected, part of a shared larger dream. They just don’t know it yet, but those who do, they want to control it, shape it, use it. Something big is going on, you just don’t know what yet.

I’m going all in, but I know I’m going to regret it. Jericho, Revolution. I liked the shows, and I liked the mystery elements going on in the background. Heck, one of the main actors from Revolution, Zak Orth, is even along for the ride here too. Not quite as crazy this time though.

Maybe with it being on USA, instead of the big five, it has a chance to go somewhere. It’s pretty cool.