Sanctuary by Meg Cabot (PWBR00033)

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Plot or Premise

Cover: Sanctuary by Meg Cabot

Jess Mastriani got hit by lightning, and now she’s psychic. So she’s been calling in tips to the missing person line and telling the feds where to find the kids. The FBI wants her to do more, but she told them she lost the gift (which of course they don’t believe). And when a local kid shows up dead with strange militia markings on him, Jesse gets drawn into local militia groups and right-wing nuts in general, with the feds following along behind.

What I Liked

Not much — although it is good they still have Jess acting like a teenager.

What I Didn’t Like

While I prefer this characterization of Jess to the TV-series that has changed her into a kick-in-the-door, guns-blazing federal agent, this individual story is waaaay over the top. Like Hardy Boys meets the A-Team.

The Bottom Line

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