I am far from an expert in music. But I became intrigued about 20 years ago with the Billboard lists. People referenced them as if the top 100 list for any given year meant those were the best songs for the year. Yet even superficially, I saw songs in the top ten in some years that were one-hit wonders that had some pop and bounce, but no real staying power for the song or the artist. And since the lists are based on sales, i.e., just popularity, it doesn’t say anything about a song’s longevity / staying power.

My intrigue was whether or not I could go back to those old lists as a mere starting point, look at the lists and come up with my own playlist. The top 25 of a given year that were worth listening to still, years later. A “Billboard got it wrong” type list.

More recently, I’m interested in looking at discographies and progressions by individual artists. So I’ve started to review individual LPs too.

TitleArtistYearGenre# of songsReview #Rating
1943 – Pop🐸🐸βšͺβšͺβšͺ - 2
Empty SkyElton John1969Pop13Empty Sky (1969) by Elton John🐸🐸βšͺβšͺβšͺ - 2