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De gustibus non est disputandum

(In matters of taste, there can be no dispute)

This is the area of my website devoted to my reviews of books, movies, music, podcasts and television (seasons and premieres). The Latin quote above was taught to me by my Grade 6 teacher, Mr. Bruce Hutchinson, in Peterborough. While some people mistake the meaning, what it really means is that everyone is entitled to their own tastes and you can’t dispute “their” taste. In the following reviews, you will see my tastes and opinions, which are mine alone. I don’t aim for a consensus or to fit into some snobbish or popular standard of quality.

For each of the areas, there are three specific areas:

  1. An index of all the posts in that category, sortable by various fields;
  2. A feed of all the posts in that category in reverse date order (most recent first); and,
  3. The individual posts themselves, clickable from either of those two browsing tools, shown below.
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I hope that you enjoy my reviews, and feel free to share your views in the comments!

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