The Organizers

  • Monique Ramdhan, Chair
  • Geneviève Lepine, Vice-Chair
  • Greg Sweet, Vice-Chair
  • Stefan Smith, Communications Director
  • Lisa Fairweather, Financial Director & Logistics
  • Jeremy LeBlanc, Logistics Director
  • Paul Sadler, Strategic Advisor & Webmaster
  • Jeff Graham, Research Director & Operations Planning

Advisors to the Organizing Committee (in alphabetical order):

  • Jocelyne Bourgon, President, Canadian Centre for Management Development
  • Laura Chapman
  • Jean-Guy Fleury, Assistant Deputy Minister, Privy Council Office
  • Peter Harder, Deputy Minister, Industry Canada
  • Arthur Kroeger, Chancellor, Carleton University
  • Huguette Labelle, Chancellor, University of Ottawa
  • Richard Rochefort, Director General, Canadian Centre for Management Development
  • Scott Serson, President, Public Service Commission
  • Gene Swimmer, Professor, Carleton University


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