Poor Tom is Cold by Maureen Jennings (PWBR00043)

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Plot or Premise

Cover: Poor Tom is Cold by Maureen Jennings

Constable Oliver Wicken is dead — the result of an apparent suicide while on duty. But Murdoch doesn’t buy it, so he starts to investigate only to find a woman who claims to have just jilted him, hence the suicide. He still isn’t satisfied, but with nothing else to go on, what can he do? Then another woman comes forward to say SHE was his girlfriend — a second one and neither had ever been mentioned to his mother with whom he lived!

What I Liked

I liked the investigation trail and the confusing leads. As well, a little more development on the social side for Murdoch is well-written.

What I Didn’t Like

The social side is a little too introspective, not enough activity, and the links to a sub-story is poorly done, hence the death is explained but not well justified by the storyline. The treatment of some mentally unbalanced people is not particularly well done, and not just in terms of being politically incorrect.

The Bottom Line

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