Baby showers, knitting projects, Grace's birth, Marney's 60th birthday, Andrea's trip to Pakistan, Pat and Robyn's wedding, Kate and Matt's wedding, our big news, and Christmas at Roundhay

2008-02 February

Bruce, Jenn and Paige visiting Roundhay

2008-02b - Special - Becky's baby shower

Becky's baby shower in Peterborough

2008-03 March

Big snowfall in Ottawa and a knitting project (baby "jeans")

2008-03b - Special - Becky's baby shower

Becky's baby shower in Ottawa

2008-04 April

Andrea's adult literacy practitioner course and Grace at one week old

2008-04b - Special - Grace's birth

Grace's birth

2008-05 May

Marney's 60th birthday, Mother's day with Grace, and an outing to the Peterborough zoo

2008-05b - Special - Trip to Pakistan

Andrea's trip to Pakistan for work -- Nowshera, Multan, Lodhran, and around Islamabad

2008-06 June

Grace at 6w

2008-07 July

Gatineau Park area and a baby blanket

2008-08 August

Testing our new camera and a cottage weekend with the youngest cousins

2008-08b - Special - Pat and Robyn's wedding

Pat and Robyn's wedding

2008-09 September

Grace visiting

2008-10 October

Thanksgiving, our big news that we couldn't tell anyone, and Hallowe'en in the snow

2008-10b - Special - Kate and Matt's wedding

Kate and Matt's wedding

2008-12 December

Christmas at Roundhay



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