Andrea's trips for work to Pakistan (with a stop in Athens) and the Maritimes; skating on the canal; curling; cottage weekends; Brian and Marnie's 40th anniversary; Marney's retirement; new PandA house on Roundhay; Luskville Falls; PandA trip to Newfoundland; and Xmas in Peterborough

2007-02 February

Skating on the canal and a sweater for Paige

2007-03 March


2007-03b - Special - Trip to Pakistan

Andrea's trip to Pakistan for work

2007-05 May

Long weekend at the cottage

2007-06 June

Brian and Marnie's 40th anniversary and Marney's retirement

2007-06b - Special - New house on Roundhay

Moving from Parkdale to our new house on Roundhay

2007-07 July

Luskville Falls and the Pontiac Ferry

2007-08 August

Cottage weekend with the Malcolm Olympics and a race in a War Canoe

2007-09 September

Baby blanket for Nicole and Noel and a going away Bee party for CIDA

2007-09b - Special - Study tour in the Maritimes

Andrea hosting a CIDA study tour in the Maritimes

2007-10 October

Thanksgiving at the cottage

2007-10b - Special - Trip to Athens

Andrea's two-part trip to Athens on the way to and from Pakistan for work

2007-10c - Special - Trip to Pakistan

Andrea's trip to Pakistan for work (bull racing, Quetta, Lahore, kurtas, and Kashmir)

2007-11b - Special - Trip to Newfoundland

Paul's trip to Newfoundland for work with Andrea

2007-12 December

Knit dishcloths, big snowfall in Ottawa, new coffee table, Xmas at Roundhay, and Xmas in Peterborough



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