Let Loose the Dogs by Maureen Jennings (PWBR00044)

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Plot or Premise

Cover: Let Loose the Dogs by Maureen Jennings

Detective Murdoch has family problems — his sister, a cloistered nun, is dying and he can’t even see her to really say goodbye, just through a screen. His drunk of a father is in jail convicted of murder and ready to hang, but proclaiming his innocence — so even though it’s been many years since they spoke, Murdoch tries to find out the truth of the death of his father’s acquaintance following a potentially rigged dog race.

What I Liked

This is the best one yet in the series, although perhaps the historical features are not as pronounced in favour of telling a good tale. The storyline takes place for the most part outside of Toronto, and that also helps as it gives the story an unique atmosphere with lots of good local characters to investigate, all with their own dirty little secrets that clog up the investigation — cats and dogs, flirts and pervs. They’re all there. The social life of Murdoch heats up, although after two years of introspection, it comes with a bang, hardly reminiscent of the slow methodical progress before.

What I Didn’t Like

Very little bothered me in the story, although there is a confusing sub-plot about another crime and another investigator who is in the way of Murdoch’s investigation.

The Bottom Line

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