Note: Many of you know my HR guide. For the pandemic period, I started a quick-and-dirty page for unofficial training resources. Feel free to suggest others!

For many of us, trying to work from home has meant not being able to connect to your workplace, download actual work, talk easily with other coworkers, and generally do the actual “work from home” part. Lots of people are doing longer-term research and writing, sure, but not everyone is set to do that as part of their jobs.

So what can you do to still be productive if you can’t do your “normal” work? Training. Like the training that you never have time to do at the office when a million requests are flying by with deadlines that had already passed when they were sent out.

The Canada School of Public Service is usually our collective training vehicle, but it was initially shut down to minimize server loads. Now it’s back up! In the meantime, we were all resourceful, and lots of people have been circulating informal lists of possible training to do online.

So I created a page to try to collate other lists. If you know of a great resource, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. Or if you do one of them and have feedback I can use for a rating out of 5, great! Or send me the list via the website contact form if you want. Or on FaceBook!

This page is a work in progress of course. I have created a table of actual courses (moved to the bottom of the page), a list of general sites with multiple courses of different types, and a curated list of reading materials on a few subjects. It’s pretty barebones to start. Any feedback welcome…

  • NEW: March 23 — I’ve added another page that is a quick overview of research tools that are available online through the Ottawa Public Library. Academic journals, newspapers, magazines, custom info on businesses, some training on business writing. OPL resources: Research tools while working from home
  • NEW March 23 — OPL resources: Language tools while working from home0
  • NEW March 23 — OPL resources:
  • NEW March 26 — Huge list from a DFO contact, added at the bottom
  • NEW March 26 — Another huge list from Justice, added at the bottom
  • NEW August 28FutureLearn
  • NEW FEBRUARY 10 — Custom Writing’s list of free online courses for IT & Programming, design, science, career & self-management, business, psychology & communication, art & music, writing, doing research, history, languages, health, and culture & society

General training sites on different subjects

  • GC Campus by CSPS –> Normally this would be a GREAT resource for you to use, but GoC has taken it offline to reduce load on servies. GCCampus
  • Departmental training: If your department uses an external training provider, you likely have your own weburl to access it.
    • For ESDC, the link is: Saba but it requires a login and password to get in. Most of your mandatory training for the year is found here.
  • –> Available to many online through their local library with their library card, has particularly good training for things like Microsoft Apps like Excel.
  • Online Education Courses:
  • Coursera — Huge range of courses, most of which can be audited for free.
  • LinkedIn (one month free trial for training in business, creative, or technology) –
  • MIT courses link: Features economics/politics, etc., such as economic crises, future of work, as well as management, innovation, leadership, lean, etc.) –
  • Future Learn –>

Reading materials

  1. APolitical
  2. Behavioural insights
    1. Nudge economics: has push come to shove for a fashionable theory:
    2. Facebook apologises for psychological experiments on users:
    3. Why Nudge Policies Should be Used Gently:
    4. The Behavioural Insights Team in the UK:
    5. EAST: Four simple ways to apply behavioural insights:
    6. Behavioural Government:
    7. These 10 governments are leading the world in behavioural science:
    8. Behavioral Scientist:
    9. Nudge Turns 10: A Special Issue on Behavioral Science in Public Policy:
    10. Podcasts:
    11. Behavioral Science Around the World:
    12. World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior:
  3. Policy Innovation:


General list

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Large list from DFO of CSPS and other courses

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Large list from Justice

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