Goals for 2017 – Nudging the needle — 2 Comments

  1. This looks like a great and manageable set up for goals. I might steal it for myself! On the book front I love John D. MacDonald. Not sure if this is the first one you have read but I finds he just transports you to Florida. Fantastic during an Ottawa winter. I also really liked Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books but find her “Lord John” books a little slower. George RR Martin just ticks me off now. His first few books were really good but I feel like I have invested too much time in Game of Thrones, especially the later books.

    • I have read a good number of MacDonald’s TM novels, and they have the same feel to me as two other series that I like — Warren Murphy’s Trace/Digger novels and Erle Stanley Gardner’s Lam & Cool series (under name of A.A.Fair).

      I watched first EP of outlander, but think I would prefer the books.

      And same for GoT. I read the first one, and enjoyed it, but found it a bit bloated.

      But I want to finish the various series 🙂


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