Fablehaven by Brandon Mull (PWBR00179)

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Plot or Premise

Cover: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Kendra and her brother Seth protect a magical preserve against dark forces.

What I Liked

Like most stories of youth being exposed to magic for the first time, there is a healthy skepticism like they’re being punked. What differed in this one is that the initial intro is one mostly of light and wonder, not darkness and fear. Kendra and Seth want to explore and see all the wonderful things, without first encountering people trying to kill them. The darkness is revealed more slowly. And so you share that burgeoning love and mystery. I also like the funnier moments, a bit like the humour in some of the Percy Jackson series more so than the Harry Potter constant impending doom.

What I Didn’t Like

Seth is annoying. Most of the early plot developments are because he doesn’t listen to his grandfather, constantly screws something up, and even after suffering consequences, does similar things again. Separate from being annoying, it seems incredibly repetitive too.

The Bottom Line

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