Double Jeopardy by William Bernhardt (PWBR00073)

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Plot or Premise

Cover: Double Jeopardy by William Bernhardt

Travis Byrne is having a hard time. He traded his badge for a law degree and now most cops hate him. His courtroom opponent thinks he’s scum since he switched sides. And to prove her point, he’s just been appointed lawyer for Al Moroconi — all-round scumbag with mob ties.

What I Liked

Then Al breaks out of prison, shooting a guard in the process, and starts gunning for his lawyer who he thinks hasn’t done enough to help him. Add in the mob and some crooked FBI agents, and this story gets complicated real fast.

What I Didn’t Like

It has the feel of a fish-out-of-water TV-movie and never quite pays off.

The Bottom Line

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