Catch Me: Kill Me by William H. Hallahan (PWBR00082)

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Plot or Premise

Cover: Catch Me: Kill Me by William H. Hallahan

Set in the 1970s, and a Russian poet has sought asylum in the U.S. Days before he qualifies for citizenship, he is kidnapped from Grand Central Station. Why was he taken? How can they help him? Where is he?

What I Liked

The story diverges on two tracks — a black-bag CIA operative comes in from the cold just enough to maintain full deniability while he looks for the man and an FBI manager keeps poking and prodding trying to find out why. Neither one knows the other exists, and the two stories remain fully compartmentalized.

What I Didn’t Like

The opening is extremely descriptive, almost one-step removed from the action, and it takes a while until you are fully engaged in the two tracks.

The Bottom Line

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