Articles I Like: Focus on the Fight: Writing Action Scenes That Land the Punch — 2 Comments

  1. This helps explain why I didn’t enjoy the fight scenes in a recent book – it was mechanical, but didn’t forward the plot (or at least, not in interesting ways).

    The link on creating suspense is fantastic. “Make them hungry!”

    • The link to Lee Child is a bit amusing to me. I love Jack Reacher, joined the website, became a Reacher Creature, etc. And when he writes about writing, I’m in. But when he writes about publishing, or the industry, it’s like chalk-dust in my mouth, gritty and foul. Some of it is just that his reality is like the top 2% of authors, vs. the reality of the majority of struggling authors who for years were shut out by gate-keepers and yet now can actually find an audience.

      But I agree re: the fight scenes. I’ve read a few where they were technically good, but boring as heck. One of my works in progress, although that is more ambitious than reality, has a large fight scene at the end. And it needs to be long enough and significant enough to wrap up the text…a bit, unfortunately, of getting to the boss. And I need it to go several “rounds”. It wasn’t until I read this that I realized I’m worried about the technical side, but the plot is what will carry me through it, not the description of the blows.


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