I’m a little late to the party of setting a series of astronomy targets for my planned observing sessions. I do a bunch of hit and miss things here and there, sometimes pulling something together from various astronomy blogs or a site or two with “tonight’s seeing”. But I am not what anyone would or should call organized for my viewing. I always feel like I’m still learning bits and pieces here and there, and whatever is on my learning curve that day (such as setup, observing or imaging) tends to over-ride everything else. Of course, one of the easiest ways to get organized is to complete all of the targets in one of the various observing certificate programs that already exist including RASC or some US organizations too. To that end, I’ve started creating some checklists for myself of “observing targets”, all under the heading of A PolyWogg Guide to Astronomy. I’m going to start listing my targets below.

RASC Astroimaging Certificates

150 Brightest Stars



Astronomy Targets — No Comments

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