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  1. We have had the same fridge for right at 24 months. Not trying to scare you but if the control panel stops working you may have to unplug the fridge and plug it back in, then wait 10-20 minutes. Also, if you start to get “hammering” when you dispense water or the ice maker refills you can try removing the water filter, draining the filter in the sink and then putting it back in. If that doesn’t work, try a new filter. If that doesn’t work, just leave the filter out. 🙁 One other issue we have that is probably not an issue for most people is that the ice maker does not hold much ice and is very slow to refill when it gets empty. Of course, we have 6 kids so we go through a lot of ice! Glad we kept our old fridge and put it in the basement. I ended up hooking it up to a water supply to keep the ice maker running.

    All said, I DO still like the fridge and hope you never experience the issues we have but in case you do run into them, I thought I would share what has worked for me in resolving them.


    • Thanks Andrew, good to know!

      I’m coming up on six months, and everything seems to be running the way it is supposed to. I understand the comments from people now about it being loud, both when it adjusts some of the ice on its own and when it’s dispensing, but our noise is mostly limited to the kitchen area, not through the whole house. Almost time to replace the filter for the first time too…

      On the positive side, I also had price matching with Sears, and they sent me refund for $1100 when it went on sale at Black Friday. 🙂


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