#50by50ish #50 – Lose weight – Part 2, draw vs. drag — 2 Comments

  1. Some really interesting thoughts here Paul. Have you read the blog by Dr Yoni Freedhoff? He talks a lot about how we define success and how that sabotages our mindset. This article is a pretty good summary even if it is a vox article! Bascially liking the life you’re living while you’re losing weight is the key to keeping it off:

    I also think we need to figure out how we define success. Is success keeping of all the weight we loose after a concentrated effort? Is it about not gaining more? Is is it about slowing the weight “re-gain period” to years vs months. Is it not even about weight but about test results or how you feel? Lots to think about.

    I’m liking this series a lot.

    • That’s really interesting. I confess I haven’t thought much about “what success looks like” over time. Still focusing on the map to get there and the journey, not completely what I do in the destination once I arrive. To the extent that I have, it’s a but more functional view of success i.e. there are things that I want to do when I get there. It will be a major theme in, umm, 2 weeks from now. 🙂

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