#50by50ish #50 – Lose weight – Part 10, a New Year’s update — 6 Comments

  1. Glad to see things are going well Paul. Are you planning to do a post centered on nutrition or tracking food. Do you use my fitness pal or other apps?

    • I used one for the first couple of weeks, but once I confirmed my approach with the dietician, I’ve mostly set that aside. I only use a weight tracker now and I look things up when I need to. Maybe I’ll update on that in a future post (about 17 pounds from now).


  2. Great job so far Paul. I am looking at the waist size goal and thinking that size might be a bit of a reach for any of us. Check with your male friends to see if anyone is really that small….as 30″ was in the distant rear-view mirror for most of us in our teens!!

  3. I second MEPs comment. I’m in the 34 to 36 range depending on brand. I’d prefer to stabilize at 34, but even 32 was a very distant memory. If you want a quick and easy way to find an average, check out Costco pant sizes for you inseam. Then pick the average one, not the smallest.

    Another Paul

    • But, but, but I already have some ideas for topics when I hit 32 and 30″…namely what age I was when I was that size last! 🙂

      I did some searching online, and there apparently is not much of an answer out there. Heart groups suggest less than 37 inches; Dr. Oz likes 35 as a nice round number for everyone regardless of body type apparently; and some UK doctors simplify it even further — half your height.

      So less than 37, 35-ish, or 35.5, or somewhere between 34-36 for you. Well, I think that’s official. 35/36 will be my target. I only have a 30″ inseam. I’ll check Costco to match it up. I’ve never gone backwards before. Most places top out at 42″ at that size or 40″ even, and I’ve seen as low as 34″. I don’t remember seeing 32 or 30, but then I wouldn’t have been looking in those piles.



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