2016 – Progress on my red goals — 2 Comments

  1. Wow your sleep apnea journey has been pretty crazy. I have an apap machine and it is definitely better than a straight-up CPAP. I also struggled with some chest/lung infections over the summer and found out that many sleep apnea patients have higher instances of lunch infections if they are using sleep apnea machines! Not what I wanted to hear. 2016 kicked me health wise as well. After I started on the APAP I decided to work on the weight. I got into the weight management clinic at the civic and am slowly working away. Uphill battle for sure but I am seeing success. I am definitely moving more which is a big plus.

    • Hmm, my understanding was that chest / lung infections would be “down”, but maybe that is the majority vs. minority thing too. I’m definitely better off than I was, just not quite the sunshine and unicorns people like to rave about!

      Glad your battle is producing results! 🙂 Keep ‘er going!


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