2016 – Progress on my goals after two months — 2 Comments

  1. I’m super frustrated with work flowy for my to do lists. Is TickTick an app or a web site? Does it work with Blackberry?

    • TickTick is a bit more streamlined than most, which was a good thing in my view (lots of ToDo lists want to give you 20 fields to input for everything). The benefit for me, and what I was looking for, is that it has:

      a. Website option (and I can log in from work);
      b. Android option (full app);
      c. iOS option (so my wife can access same account).

      Sharing is a little more complicated i.e. if I want to share a link with you — most are like Google Drive whereby you set it to OPEN IF YOU HAVE THE LINK as an option, and this appears to, but after I invited Andrea to see it, and she accepted, I had to then ACCEPT her again in the app. Double authentication is the technical term, but not configurable as far as I can see. Some quirky stuff in it too — if you want to create an upper level folder with sub-elements, you have to create one, move it under a second, which makes the two now a sub-folder of a larger unnamed folder. Overall though it updates quickly, allows sorts on multiple fields, has “global” folder views if you want to see a bunch of stuff in there. All of it works, sometimes just have to tweak it a bit to your liking.

      Downside — I can’t remember how many lists you could do for free, I ended up buying “pro” version although it wasn’t that “pro”, nor expensive.

      It would work with BB as a website, don’t know if BB has an app or the Android version would install.


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