2015 – Wrapping all the red goals together — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing so openly! It is inspiring. I completely relate to the couch potato mentality. I really have no idea how to tackle such a big diet/exercise overhaul. I recognize that this year I need to “do” something to improve my fitness as I have noticed a really big change in my health between 2013-2014.How are you going to keep track of your progress?

    • I intend to track it the way I do any of the Seinfeld-friendly ones — either a tick for one offs or a # of reps for that day. So “gratitude journal” would be simple tick box; pushups would be the number I did that day with a goal per week that theoretically gets me to my overall goal for the year. One of the problems of course is that it is an “average” goal yet at the beginning I’ll be nowhere near it. Sigh. I started doing pushups last week, just a few a day, and the third day, my shoulder didn’t seem to be moving the right way and I had to stop altogether. Which means lowering the reps, when they weren’t that many to begin with. Double sigh. I’ll be posting my trackers shortly.

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