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  1. Great website PolyWogg! Your posts are so informative. I really appreciate them. You seem like a very intelligent person. Do you plan to write stuff on LR topics as well? I see that a lot of your HR posts are staffing related.

    • Occasionally yes, although it isn’t my niche. I do read almost all of the PSLR Board decisions but I have struggled to find a useful angle on them. One would be simple summaries, like ISSUE / FACTS / OUTCOME, sort of reference material. Other times I thought of trying to group them together by issue such as harassment, dismissal, etc., but often the cases impinge on multiple areas at the same time, and it is the interrelated issues that determine the outcome more than one specific one. Another time, I was thinking of “what does this mean for an employee” or “what does it mean for a manager”, but that could be a bit too subjective. And other times, I’ve thought of just sharing them as a curation service…a favorite website of mine is a clearinghouse for publishing news related to legal issues, and he frequently finds interesting posts from across the net, posts a small excerpt and gives the link to the original. He’s been doing it for years, and it’s great. But there are lots of bloggers out there who tackle HR and/or LR with better credentials than I, with some curation built in.

      It’s an area that interests me, but as you can see, I’ve never found a good niche to fill…


  2. Hi there,

    I see you have a section on “15. Managing your career once you’re hired” but no link. Is this something you are planning on putting together? I would love to read that post one day


  3. I just finished an interview for a PM-6 yesterday, and am so glad I read your section on interviews before I went! Although I am very confident in interviews, having a structure to follow made it so much easier to jot down relevant examples in the short review time. One thing I did want to mention was the importance of not only reading the question, but being aware of the competency being assessed. I was halfway through the first question when I realized I was answering the wrong way, simply because the question didn’t quite match the knowledge. The question was about engagement, however the specific knowledge being assessed was on duty to consult…Forcing me to change my answer slightly…Looking forward to continue reading your other material! Thanks!

    • Glad it was helpful. It is indeed tricky to remember what is being marked vs. what the question asked. Sometimes it is “close enough” that it won’t matter, sometimes it’s radically different. In my presentation, I’ve mentioned a time at DFAIT (now GAC) where I was doing a role-play and I totally blanked that of course they were merely marking interpersonal skills. So I did the “right” thing, the right answer that someone doing that job would do, but it wasn’t what they were marking. Another time I had to do a similar “role-play” simulation as if I was briefing a Minister in an elevator, and it was basically “shortening” a longer analytical answer I had already given i.e, they asked for long answer and then gave me the “surprise” follow-up question to pretend I was briefing the Minister and that I had 90 seconds. I blanked on what it was about, that they would OBVIOUSLY be marking my comms skills, and instead tried to cram all of my “knowledge” and “analysis” into the 90s. What I SHOULD have done was simply picked one or two items, kept it short, calm, focused and then asked the Minister if they had any questions. Fortunately, the first time it was a job I didn’t want, and for the second, it was a multiple-item scoring so failing the one element of that grouped score didn’t hurt me.


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