My "yellow" goals for 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. I love the “focus your energy” slogan. I find Facebook hard and as an introvert I feel sometimes that my interactions on-line are a substitute for “real” person actions. I really think Facebook has been detrimental to my social relationships. I feel it’s made me more interested in surface connections, which can take a lot of energy but ultimately I don’t find very fulfilling. My goal this year is to focus on quality vs quantity friend time. I don’t always have the opportunity (or desire) to spend a lot of in-person time with friends but I want to be able be really present (e.g not on the blackberry or other device) when I am interacting with people. Small goal but I think it is realistic for me.

    • I’ve tried the “quality” side, but hasn’t been working for me lately. I don’t know that FB has hurt, so much as it masks things a bit i.e. we feel connected even though it is more surface, as you said. I don’t usually have any issues with the device problem, BB or otherwise, but then I don’t use my BB for work that much (one of the benefits of being a planner, rarely are there “planning” emergencies hehehe).

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