My "red" goals for 2016 — 6 Comments

  1. I like your goals! I was also recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. While the equipment was hard to get used to for the first 4-5 weeks during the trial period, I am now feeling much better. My sleep is better, no headaches, more focused, blood pressure waaaay down and I’ve lost some weight as well. I don’t think I realized how much bad sleep was impacting daily life. What was your experience? I’m at the point right now where I am about to submit my claim to Sun Life so hopefully it goes smoothly.

    • I’m in a bit of denial. I went for the sleep test, and I was really turned off by the people. When I met with the doctor, he was telling me I obviously had serious apnea before we even did the tests, and the woman running it at night was like, “Here put this on, get used to it, you’ll need it for life” before we even tried it. With that attitude, what a surprise, they told me to go get the machine, and signed the form before we even discussed the results with a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, make sure you go to the first place on the list, because they’re the best” (i.e. they give me the best kickback). Plus I know it is mostly weight related. My wife had a machine, and it was okay, but I didn’t wake the next morning with the machine feeling like I slept any better during the test phase. I am willing to try the mouth option through the dentist first, I guess. Hadn’t thought about the blood pressure side. Part of my experience is coloured by Andrea’s results too — it helped, but it didn’t make her feel like “wow”. I find people have your results or none at all, little in the middle.

  2. My Dad was diagnosed with sleep apnea and is a normal weight. Weight is for sure a factor in my case but I also think that I have a narrow airway. I also HATED the mask they gave me at the sleep study and must admit I had a very bad first test. The second follow-up was much better. I asked the second sleep technician for the place with the best “trial” program. She told me to go to Inspiration Medic and boy have I been giving them a work out. I’ve been doing the trail since November changing up machines (APAP vs CPAP) and different masks to get the best fit. The CPAP machine was ok but I really like the APAP machine. It ramps up the pressure depending on what is needed. The main downside for me is that using a cpap/apap machine when you have a cold is an absolute pain in the ass (e.g. you really can’t do it and boy do you notice the difference). On the plus side since the machine has a built in humidifier I am not having the usual sore throat/dry cough bouts that I get most of the winter. At first it was a really weird experience but after pushing through the first 4-6 weeks I now sleep better with it and it has made a big difference in my blood pressure.

    • I’ll check Inspiration Medic out, I like the sounds of that. Not sure about CPAP or APAP differences or my needs, but definitely will have challenges with the masks. Andrea had that prob as she said. I suspect with a cold I would have to go without. Interesting re: built-in humidifier. My concern is part is that just after I did the test, I immediately got a sinus infection, which apparently can be common with the machines. But I’ll give them a try…

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