Back when I was in my teens, I went to the movies almost every week. Tuesday night was cheap night, and despite the theatre being at the other end of the city, my friends and I would hop on our bikes and head down for a show. Sometimes we didn’t even look to see what was still on, we just went.

As I got older, I went less and less frequently and watched more on video, DVD and TV. And one of the first reviews I ever wrote back in the day was a quick movie review. I originally thought when I started having a blog that movie reviews would be one of the major content elements for me. But life intervened and I don’t get out much for movies anymore. And if I’m watching the tube, I’m more likely to watch serialized storytelling than movies. Partly as I see movies and think, “Oh, there’s a good one to watch with my wife or son” and the three of us rarely sit down together to do that. So I don’t watch much besides action movies these days.

At one point, I even took a film appreciation class to help me improve my vocabulary for some of the elements I was reviewing. But I’m not looking to write epic reviews or literary masterpieces or film snobbery by pixel. I basically want to review the movies I watch against the basic elements of enjoyability and within the genre…it makes little sense to try to compare an Adam Sandler comedy to Shindler’s List, for the most obvious of genre examples.

That’s it, that’s all.

# Review
  • MR00001: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011; reviewed January 23, 2019) – 4/5 lilypads
  • MR00002: Flubber (1997; reviewed June 5, 1998) – 5/5 lilypads