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  1. You’ve done an excellent job of breaking this done clearly and addressing the nuances involved in each of the most likely sub-scenarios we’d find ourselves in. Just really impressed by how easy this was to understand! Thank you for that, on top of having really great advice. 🙂

  2. This is amazing. Though found it a bit late, as I went thru the process with a bit of a cavalier approach 🙂 Been 20+ years in the private sector (telecom) and earlier this year decided to switch and dedicate the next half (the better one!) of my career to public service. Simply put, grow tired of revenue/profit getting in the way of doing the right things. Man, I wish I had done this earlier, mean switch and find your site earlier! Anyhow, better late than never. Thanks for the information. Coming from the private sector I had been on both sides of the hiring process, thought (silly me) I seen it all. Nope, government processes are a whole different enchilada! I did use Dr. Google and applied some common sense to my approach, but thus far I admit been going along as things happen. Let’s see how things move now with the election. In one ‘competition,’ I had written the exam and believe got in the ‘Inventory Pool’ and in another Written Exam and had the Formal Interview. Both positions are what would call entry-level (PM-01 one and EL-01) I thought appropriate to start anew if my private sector skills are any good should be no inconvenient to move out of the entry-level. I feel pretty good about both, more the one I had the interview since it is in telecoms and skills may be rather hard to find. In the Job Description – this is for ISED – they declared 30 positions (30!) to be filled across the country. Never seen something like this before, any idea how the process work in this case, as I guess there are many ‘hiring managers’ involved, I was actually asked the location I wanted to be considered. It is definitively a different approach from what I had experienced in the past!

    Thank You Paul – this is great, whatever the outcome of the competitions this will guide me in the future to come. Merci!


    • Congrats on taking the decision to switch careers…always a challenge, and I wish you luck in your journey!

      One of the most frequent questions is “how long” and really there’s no real way to know. 30 jobs or 1, doesn’t really matter in one sense. If there were, say, 10 jobs, and 5 managers, all 5 would be moving ahead simultaneously, almost as if it was just one of them hiring 2. There’s a bit more coordination to make sure they’re not poaching each other’s best picks, but it doesn’t slow things down much. What DOES take time is getting a large pool fully assessed for all the stages, particularly refernece checks. Plus, right now, as you noted, any program that might have a political link to it where one party or another might be in favour or against, they aren’t hiring until after the election. There would be little point to hire someone now on a program if they know/think that another party might eliminate the program if elected. Tons of hiring decisions are on hold, either formally or informally.

      Another 3 weeks will sort out most of it…


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