Being Jacob’s Dad, Part 12: 1 to 2 years — 3 Comments

  1. When I sat down at the keyboard to write these posts about being J’s dad, the first six or seven were relatively straightforward. Fresh in my mind, all the details inked in the tears of the events, happy or sad. Vivid, vibrant, resonant. As I’ve gotten farther from the birth towards him now being one year old, moving toward two, the memories are not as structured. It’s hard to remember, “Wait, was the event with the social worker before or after we went to B.C.? Was the therapy with that person when he was 1 or later when he was two?”. So I did the first draft relying on a combination of memory, some milestones, and some photos. But when I was done, it was really disjointed.

    So I asked Andrea to read it before I shared it and she agreed not only that it was disjointed, but listed six or seven other things I had totally forgotten to include. Some big, some just part of her memory process for what was significant during the year, partly triggered as she read the draft. Yet when she mentioned them, I was like, “Riiight, I should have mentioned those”. So I’ve rewritten it, and restructured stuff. I don’t know if that makes it less raw, less “impactful” as they erroneously say (impactful isn’t a real word!). Curious to see reactions, if any.

  2. It reads a bit less emotionally, but I assumed that was due to it being year 2 and you’re more on top of things by then.

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