Topic PolyWogg Guide to Astronomy # Web version Downloadable version
How to learn about astronomy      
Observing options      
Buying a telescope      
Telescope accessories      
Practical Astronomy      
Aligning your finder tool to the telescope PWG-A0008 Web Download
Aligning your telescope to the sky PWG-A0009 Web Download
Special: Aligning the Celestron NexStar 8SE PWG-A0011 01 01
Navigating the sky PWG-A0010 Web01 Download
Special: The 150 brightest stars PWG-A0002 01 01
Special: Western constellations PWG-A0004 01 01
Basic Astrophotography      
Introduction to capture and processsing      
Smartphone Astrophotography      
Smartphone AP (iOS) – Milky Way      
Smartphone AP (iOS) – Constellations      
Telescope + Smartphone AP (iOS)      
Stars, double stars and small groups of stars      
Globular clusters and open clusters      
Special: Asteroids and comets      
Astronomy Targets and Progress   (My progress) (Lists)
Asterisms PWG-A0006 01 01
Lunar features PWG-A0007 01 01
Messier objects PWG-A0005 01 01
RASC astroimaging targets PWG-A0001 01 01
RASC explore the universe targets PWG-A0003 Web Download


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